pH control in water and pulp treatment

Amongst the current options available for pH control, CO2 provides the most advantages. The solution can be fully automated, the reaction is easy to control and forms benign carbonate salts which dont cause further problems with the effluent. Unlike with the use of corrosive and dangerous acids like Sulphuric and Hydrochloric acids, the use of CO2 doesn't increase the TDS levels in the treated water, and this is a huge benefit that CO2 provides.

Fire protection with CO2

Is an excellent fire retardant and it the extinguisher of choice for most commercial establishments as it is inexpensive and easy to use and leaves no residue unlike other agents. And it can also be used as a fire retardant to ‘flood’ uninhabited protected areas like data centers, power plants, engine rooms, pump rooms etc.

Enhance coal mine productivity

Worldwide coal mines have been simmering for centuries, thereby wasting a valuable resource. It is dangerous to mine coal when there is a fire and it also takes a heavy toll in terms of loss of production and sealing of that part of the mine. Flooding parts of the mine with CO2, suppresses and prevents underground fires. The payoff is immediate as it substantially increases the efficiency of the mine and increases safety.

Food processing in General

Co2 and Dry Ice is used at almost every step in food processing. Right from preliminary areas like increased productivity in greenhouses and humane slaughter of animals, through intermediary areas of increasing productivity in bakeries, chicken and other meat processing units (through Cryo grinding and Cryo mixing), through increasing shelf life and quality of food products using Modified Atmosphere Packaging and Cryo Freezing, right down to providing a flexible and future proof method of transporting fresh and frozen end products at any user defined temperature.

Food preservation in silos

Everywhere a lot of our food grains are wasted in godowns, CO2 can help in considerably reducing the wastage. Storing grains in an atmosphere of CO2 will ensure that pests like rats, insects and even bacteria will not survive in the grains and hence wastage will be minimal.

Refrigerated transport

Use of Dry Ice or Liquid CO2 in the cold chain substantially brings down transport costs, as it allows clients to send any quantity of refrigerated or frozen product in regular vehicles. So a regular vehicle can be used to send multiple products at different temperatures (at ambient temperature, refrigerated, frozen, or any other user defined temperature in between), without the need for dedicated frozen or refrigerated vehicles. Supermarkets and other specialized logistics providers can save a lot of money by sending full vehicle loads point to point and by having the flexibility of sending varied cargo at different temperatures,

Modified atmosphere packaging

When the atmosphere inside a package is modified, the amount of oxygen in the package can be controlled. Using CO2 in MAP increases shelf life and quality of a wide variety of foods as CO2 greatly inhibits the growth of most aerobic bacteria in foods like spices, cashew nuts, coffee, frozen foods and other value added foods.

Cryo grinding

Cryo grinding using CO2 increases gives a far better quality grind as the heat in the grinding process is dissipated. This is used for good quality spices, pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals and other high value products

Super critical fluid extraction

In its supercritical state, CO2 is an extremely efficient solvent because of its selectivity and speed. It is widely used in extracting oils, flavours, aromas and other essentials from spices, other food stuff and also industrial chemicals.

Washing solvent

Liquid CO2 is an effective cleaning solvent and is now being used in industry to ‘wash’ delicate jewelry as well greasy machined parts. It is also rapidly becoming popular to dry clean clothes, particularly those which are heavily soiled with oils and other difficult to remove contaminants.

Chicken processing

Liquid CO2 and Dry Ice is provides a lot of benefits and savings to Chicken processors. It is used to humanely kill the bird, to reduce temperature and bacterial contamination during grinding and blending of mince, to increase shelf life of fresh chicken, to quick freezing frozen chicken and ready to eat meals, to transport the end product to supermarkets and other shops.

Enhanced oil and gas recovery

Liquid CO2 is used in the fracking industry to enhance recovery of oil and gas from depleted wells. Traditionally vast amounts of water and chemicals were used for this purpose, but using Liquid CO2 is more effective and it is environment friendly as it saves the use of a lot of water.

CO2 blasting and cleaning

Cleaning with either Liquid CO2 or small Dry Ice pellets is currently saving a lot of time and money to manufacturing industry as it provides a lot of benefits. It substantially improves production efficiency, is environment friendly, is non abrasive on the surface to be cleaned, is fast and effective and doesn't lead to any secondary waste.

CO2 in medical field

Medical and pharma grade CO2 is safe to use in Laproscopic surgery, cataracts as well as to remove warts. It is also used in incubation units to promote growth of cells in a controlled environment.


Quick cryogenic freezing helps better quality product with less weight loss and smaller ice crystals. High value items like like prawns and cooked foods are frozen with CO2 as CO2 freezing saves money.

Power outages

Dry Ice is used to maintain low temparatures in freezers and refrigerators when there is a power outage. It can be used for home use, as well as for critical storage of vaccines, pharmaceuticals, special chemicals and frozen foods.

Plastic injection molding

Injecting liquid CO2 during the injection moulding process, greatly increases the quality of the pieces being produced, but more significantly it substantially increases the manufacturing capacity of the moulding machines.

Repairing car dents

For a quick solution to repair car dents, put a bit of Dry Ice on the dent. The rapid shrinking of the metal will pop out the dent without effecting the paint.

Removing a floor or wall tile

Incase you need to remove just a few tiles and dont want to damage the surrounding tiles, put some Dry Ice on the floor tile you would like to remove. It shrinks and allows easier removal from the adhesive, so it will be much easier to remove the tile without damaging the ones next to them.

Food storage at home

Dry ice is an easy and economical way to fumigate and store dry goods for a long time at home. Put some Dry Ice (without any frost on it) at the bottom of a food container and then fill the container with Dry food. As the Dry ice sublimates it replaces all the air with CO2, without oxygen pests and bacteria in the food can not survive.. Remember to close the lid only once all the Dry Ice has completely sublimated and DONT close the lid if there is any Dry Ice still available in the container. Closing an air tight container with Dry Ice inside it can be dangerous.


Putting in a couple of Kgs of Dry Ice in your cooler will ensure you have frozen icecream and cold drinks even on hot day.

Special effects

Putting in some Dry Ice into water creates a ‘fog’ effect, which can be used in plays, movies or even at house parties provided there is adequate ventilation. Avoid putting Dry Ice directly into drinks and food which will be consumed, as in case Dry Ice is swallowed by accident the low temperature can cause a lot of damage to the mouth and stomach lining. Special swizzle sticks are available into which Dry Ice can be inserted, after which the swizzle stick can be placed into a drink, thereby providing the special effect in a safe way with the Dry Ice not free floating in the drink.